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Both Lycoming and Continental make great engines.  Decades of service have proven that the basic engines are very reliable.  Unfortunately occasional problems do occur.  Generally the most common problem we see are normally relatively minor and can be fixed in the field.  For example a failed magneto.   If these problems occur when you are away from your maintenance base they can become a major headache.

If you need assistance within South Australia, Western Victoria or Western New South South Wales,  please give us a call as we can help you with any engine problems that you have.

MT-HOTHAM-TRIP-APRIL2008058While the majority of our work is performed from our workshop at Parafield, we are prepared to travel widely to support our customers and their aircraft.Andrew changing a starter motor on a DA42 at Mt Hotham Airport IMG_0830 The Diamond DA42 with the Thielert diesel engine had some early problems with reliability.FADEC fault diagnosis at Port Pirie. 

IMG_2390 In aircraft repair of a failed oil pump on a Continental TSIO-360 at Aldinga.The oil pump drive failed on engine start. Early recognition of low oil pressure by the pilot meant that no other damage was done to the engine.The repair involved removing the engine rear cover to replace the oil pump drive shaft and gears.