Engines for Sport and Experimental Aircraft

If a standard engine does not meet your requirements, we would be pleased to discuss your specific needs and suggest possible solutions.

sportengSmall Use our extensive experience gained from years of repairing and overhauling Lycoming and Continental engines to customise the engine for your Sport or Experimental Aircraft.


Record Breaking Engines

We are proud to be have provided Dynamometer Testing and development assistance for the engine Jon Johansen used in his recording breaking flight to the South Pole.

Superior XP 360 Engine

Power your Experimental or Home Built aircraft with a brand new Superior XP engine. The XP engine range has now been expanded. The range now includes the 160Hp XP320, the 180HP XP360, and the 200 plus HP XP400 Series engines.

XP 360 engine kits are available in four basic configurations:

  • Carburetted, Fixed Pitch
  • Carburetted, Constant Speed
  • Fuel injected, Fixed Pitch
  • Fuel injected, Constant Speed

We provide a comprehensive assembly and Dyno testing service for the XP360 engine.

We can customise your engine with a choice of options, such as electronic ignition systems, tuned/cold air induction systems and custom paint, chrome and finishing packages.

If you want to participate in the construction of your engine, we can help you to observe or build it.

Superior XP 360 Engine Options

XP 360 Parts Kits

  • Carburetted, Fixed Pitch
  • Carburetted, Constant Speed
  • Fuel Injected, Fixed Pitch
  • Fuel Injected, Constant Speed

Engine Assembly

  • Basic Assembly¬†
  • Dyno Test Run And Performance Verification
    Plus Gst Plus The Cost Of Fuel, Oil, Oil Filters And Other Consumables

Build Options ( In Addition To Basic Assembly Prices )

  • Observe Engine Assembly
  • Engine Build Under Supervision

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