Dyno Testing – Performance Measurement

Dyno testing cell

Our Dyno Test Cell

In addition to a fully instrumented conventional test truck using test club propellers to verify engine performance, we have also developed a Dynamometer equipped Test Cell.

Advantages of Dyno Testing

The advantages of using a Dynamometers to apply a controlled load to an engine under test are:-

  • Accurate measurement of engine horsepower at any RPM or manifold pressure setting.
  • Ability to adjust the load on the engine at any RPM.
  • Improved control of environmental parameters.
  • Accurate measurement of engine operating parameters, CHTS, EGTS, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature ETC.

With the monitoring and instrumentation system used in our Dyno Test Cell, we can verify that the engine is developing its rated horsepower, and that all engine operating parameters are as they should be.